Publications and Electronic Media Courses by Professor Joel Morgovsky

Modern Dance Reflections

By Joel Morgovsky and Maureen Deakin

© 1980  Library of Congress #80-50851


“Most people see only the end product of dance training and choreography – the polished performance of a completed piece. Few are privy to the process of training, rehearsing and choreography which precede a concert. In this book the studio door opens to reveal glimpses of the Maureen Deakin Modern Dance Ensemble “in the process” of preparing for performance. These pictures reflect a photographer’s odyssey into the world of dance.”

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PsychNow! Introductory Multimedia Course

By Joel Morgovsky

40 Modules

ISBN-13: 978-0314072207

ISBN-10: 0314072209


PsychNow! is comprised of approximately 40 modules covering the major topical areas presented in the introductory course. The CD is highly interactive and emphasizes hands-on exploration to promote better understanding of important psychological concepts. Each module contains up to 3 activities, including interactive exercises, experiments, and simulations. Text, photos, video, audio, animations, and graphics are all incorporated to

present and explain topics in a stimulating manner. PsychNow! is compatible with any introductory text, but Coon, Intro and Coon Essentials include in-text logos denoting modules that pertain to specific text sections.

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